Now Showing: Emergence, a Solo Exhibition by Artist Jonah Ward

Emergence is an exploration of humankind's complicated relationship with the natural world, the implications this brings and potential transformations it can inspire. The exhibition includes the most extensive group of large-scale works by Ward so far, all essentially created by "drawing" with 2100° F glass on different types of wood, often milled by Ward from his family farm in Northern California.

The artist develops his imagery by allowing the molten glass to singe the panels while he uses a wide span of techniques, such as pouring, dripping, dragging and varying the length of contact time before removing the glass. Ward also incorporates a combination of other materials and processes in his work, both intentional and naturally-occurring, including flowing water, air movement, enhanced lighting, leaves, branches, bees' wax and paper from wasp nests. Come explore this incredible exhibition yourself! The exhibition runs through Sept. 24, 2023. Hope to see you there!

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